Video is Just Photography at 24 Frames a Second.

"Video is just photography at 24 frames a second."

                                                        -Ernest Favis


I don't know if Ernest is the first to say this, but he was the first to say it to me. It isn't that he possesses an intelligence incapable of coming up with such a quote, but more the fact that it is such an obvious truth it couldn't have escaped colloquialism that long. I have always been a fan of cinematography, and it was only my previous experience with film that led me to choose photo over video. 

But this week, I got to play around with a GoPro for the first time. I have to say that I very much enjoyed the experience. True, this is no high quality production here. I will win no awards, and probably not many views. But there is something I take for granted these days when it comes to media creation. As a professional photographer, I don't always want to "work" on my days off by schlepping a camera around. Having the GoPro was just enough to make 24 frames a second (or in this case 30) a day at the beach, not the office. 



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