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"We picked up our photos today and everything turned out PERFECT! 

If you are looking for someone who is easy to work with, friendly, patient, knows how to make your guests smile and/or laugh, and has tons of great ideas... call Robert Gillette.

 Thank you Robert and Karina for capturing such perfect pictures on our perfect day!"

- Caroline W.

"I just wanted to make sure that you knew how wonderful I think the pictures are. Thank you so much for going on that hike. The last picture of the night is one of my favorites! Thank you again for taking wonderful pictures."

– Kim S.

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"The level of comfort and ease established by the Gillette's with myself, my husband, and the guests at the wedding was amazing. I was particularly impressed by the amount of care that they took to generate an atmosphere of trust and respect with us. Our ceremony was done in a traditional Native American manner, and as such had a LOT of specifications that they had to work with (and sometimes around) - they did it all with an amazing amount of grace and poise, and the photographs came out absolutely beautifully."

– Kasi F.

"It was great to have Karina with me all day and Robert with my husband all day, and both of them once we were together. They also are just kind, easy going people who are great photographers. It was a blessing to be around Karina all day, she really made our day feel special... after all, it is!"

– Katie W.

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"There were a few main reasons I chose Robert and Karina. First, they were the only photographers I found that did not charge by the number of hours and this was an excellent choice! They were with us from sun up to sun down. Secondly, we were getting the most for our money with the greatest quality possible. Plus, they were all-around amazing people. They were incredibly friendly and personable to my family and guests and everyone absolutely adored them and my entire family is INCREDIBLY happy with the wedding photos! "

– Brittany C.

"My husband and I hired Robert and Karina to be our wedding photographers and we could not have been happier with that decision. They were always professional yet became friends. They were easy to work with and took our wants and needs in to consideration every time. We were extremely pleased with our engagement and wedding photos. We look forward to our trash the dress session and plan to hire them for family portraits as soon as we start our family! 

We highly recommend them anyone. Thank you for everything!!!"

- Meghan A.

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"Robert Gillette Photography completely transcended all my expectations for wedding day photos. With 300 guests and a wedding party of 30 I knew that it would be a challenge to capture even half of the people places and moments that made up our wedding. Robert did so much more than I knew was possible. He was able to photograph the whole bridal party (numerous shots) in a way that caught the spirit and vibe of each special relationship, and he took so many fun and artsy shots in the vineyard and of the dress, of our guests, the food and the decorations.

During the ceremony I never noticed him, but somehow he took perfectly lit pictures of both of our faces. He captured all the toasts, the kisses and the tears with perfect shots from all angles. I don't know how he did it: he must have been everywhere at once! Some of my favorite photos are ones I never even asked for: my special bracelet, captured in a frame of my husband and I holding hands, Mom and I dancing -we do this all the time and now we actually have a picture forever! The dance floor shots are amazing!!

The memories that Robert Gillette captured are priceless -the service is incredible, he and his wife are wonderful to work with, understanding and creative, they took us through the whole process and gave us a gift we'll always be grateful for. I never thought twice about the photography during my wedding -and you don't want to either!! Definitely have Robert there and when you get back from your honeymoon you too will be excited and grateful for the best wedding gift you'll get -gorgeous photos of family and friends...and of course the dress. Memories captured in the best packaging, forever."

- Corie A.